To Be Continued…..

Mardy wrote in his resume in 2007: 

I was born in Landstuhl, Germany in 1960.  My father was in the U.S. Air Force so we moved around Germany and the U.S. until moving to Amarillo, Texas when I was a young teenager. I went to Amarillo College to obtain a Commercial Art degree. While in school I decided that fine art was what I wanted to do. I have worked in the oil fields and loaded trucks for a grocery chain as an adult, while raising my four children, having art shows in Amarillo and doing my artwork part time. Now that my children are adults, with the support of my wife, I am pursuing art on a full time basis.

Statement: I strive to do paintings that will evoke some type of emotion, by using not only subject matter, but also the style in which it is painted.

Nude 2007

Early Work

Nudes (2007)
The Bath (2009) was one of the last works of Mardy's Frankenstein Series  (torn and re-assembled) paintings.  On September 13, 2009, Mardy emailed a photo of  the newly completed work to Vivis.  

She asked: Why does she have that disturbingly vacant look in her eyes?

Mardy: I made it a point NOT to put any reflection in her eyes ... lifeless, depressed... or just giving up...the same results are expressed in her body. 
Mardy died on the Day of the Dead, November 2, 2009. 
Influences: Jim Dine and Egon Schiele Created by Mardy Lemmons for Vivis Lemmons in 2008

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  1. What a good start to this tribute to Mardy. I can’t believe he’s been gone almost five years. It seems like yesterday that I received your phone call with the terrible news. Obviously, Mardy stays alive in the hearts and minds of so many people.

  2. Very nice!!! Excited to follow the progress!!! Mardy “Beat Us Home, He’s gone but not forgotten!!!” Thank you for helping us remember!!!

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